West Georgia Podiatry 

West Georgia Podiatry provides expert care, diagnosis and treatment of ankle and foot disorders for children, adults, and seniors.

Our practice was established in 1976 and has been responsible for providing outstanding foot, ankle, & leg care ever since. Our specialty is in the area medical and surgical treatments of the foot and leg.

Our doctors are well versed in all areas of diabetic limb salvage caused by infection, neuropathy, and peripheral arterial disease. We can manage the bony deformities, medically and surgically, that cause corns, calluses, and bunions.

The overall philosophy that guides our practice is to treat our patients as family with the respect and caring that reflects that concern. Our regular patients particularly value the attention to detail that does not leave them feeling “rushed”.

Our Services

Bunion Treatment & Surgery

Management Of Gout & Other Arthritic Conditions

Evaluation and Treatment of Heel Pain & Spurs

Ingrown Toenail Removal

Evaluation And Treatment Of Pediatric Foot Conditions

Laser Treatment For Fungal Nails

Ankle Surgery – At The Hospital

Treatment of Sport Injuries or Other Injuries Of the Foot & Ankle

Evaluation & Treatment of Diabetic Foot Conditions

Fitting of Orthotics For Foot Conditions

Medical Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Treatment Of Warts On The Foot

Foot Surgery – In Office & At The Hospital

Medical Pedicures